Hospital Volunteering
There are a number of volunteering roles available at the John Radcliffe Hospital!
Weekdays and weekends, flexible times.
John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford Hub is working with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to run our hospital volunteering programme this year!
We're looking for a team of volunteers to get involved and volunteer in local hospitals. It's a great opportunity to meet and have fun with the patients as well as help to support our wonderful NHS!
There are lots of different ways to get involved:
Anti-Boredom Volunteering
We are recruiting for ‘Anti-Boredom’ volunteers. These volunteers will sit with a patient in pairs and help to engage them in activities while recovering. This could be playing a game of cards, doing a crossword puzzle or simply having a chat!
Many of the patients on this ward have dementia and companionship, activities and reassurance would be highly beneficial to them.
The aim is to make hospital stays more comfortable, particularly for people those who are in hospital long-term or don’t have many visitors. Loneliness can be as detrimental to patient's health as smoking, so this project is really important to their recovery and well being!
We are looking for volunteers who are able to go to the hospital once a week for 2 hours (able to arrange a time that suits you, Mon-Sun 7am - 6pm), and who can commit to six months of volunteering on the project. You will also have to attend a mandatory training session at the hospital and have a DBS check.
Pharmacy Volunteers
We are looking for volunteers to assist with the delivery of dispensed medicines to ward areas. Ideal for biomedical students or anyone with an interest in medicine, pharmacology, biology, or just the inner workings of a hospital! You'll be based at the pharmacy desk, and also help with the filing of prescriptions, dispensing equipment and general house keeping.
You can volunteer any time Monday to Friday between 11am and 6pm. You will recieve full training and need a DBS check. We ask for a 6 month commitment to the project.
Volunteer guides are there to help patients and visitors to overcome feelings of bewilderment, anxiety, isolation and irritation in an unfamiliar, busy hospital environment.
The volunteers that act as guides are there to give a friendly welcome to the Hospital to help patients and visitors by escorting them if need be to the department/ward they are looking for and to make them feel at ease and to overcome any fears they may have.
Guides required from: 9:30am – 12:30pm and 1:00pm – 4:00pm daily Monday to Friday.
You will recieve full instruction in areas such as deaf and impaired sight awareness, dementia information and wheelchair training. You will need a DBS check for this role and we ask for a 6 month commitment to the project.
Music Volunteering
There is a baby grand piano in the Cancer Centre at the Churchill Hospital which we would love people to practice and perform on for the patients.
You can arrange to play the piano whenever you'd like, making this a really flexible opportunity! This opportunity doesn't require any training or length of commitment, we're just looking for people to book in and get involved!
Email if you'd like more information.
We are an inclusive organisation and can make reasonable adjustments to application processes, interviews, training sessions and other activities on a case-by-case basis. We also provide ongoing support for the volunteers we work with, so if you have particular accessibility needs, please do get in touch at
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