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OxGrow is an edible communal gardening project based at Hogacre! We grow vegetables and plants, and host a weekly community cafe on the common.
Hogacre Common Eco Park, Oxford, OX1 4QH
OxGrow is a collaborative gardening project. Rather than having individual allotments or plots, the whole garden is a shared growing space in which we combine our expertise and energies. Check out our upcoming dates here!
OxGrow is open to everyone – it’s for kids and adults of all ages to learn to grow food together. It’s an exciting, creative, edible laboratory where we’re experimenting with organic, climate-friendly growing techniques, and harnessing local knowledge to dabble with produce you’ll never find in the shops.
All vegetables harvested during 'work parties' are divided up between volunteers, so everyone get to take lots of lovely fresh veg home!
University of Oxford Students
If you are at Brookes University or are a resident of Oxford and you'd like to volunteer, please email lizzie@oxfordhub.org to find out more about getting involved!
Why do we OxGrow?
OxGrow is about appreciating food, appreciating the process of growing and appreciating the power of community.
We recognise that the food supply chain uses a huge amount of the earth's resources. Food grown intensively, using pesticides, inorganic fertilisers and shipped from far-away places is bad for us, bad for the grower and bad for the planet.
Moreover, we recognise that much of the food produced in the world each year is wasted. Last year, the UK threw away 17.5 million tonnes of food. If global food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the US and China.
By growing our own food we aim to produce veg that is better for the planet and better tasting for us!
The history of OxGrow
OxGrow began in January 2011, on two old tennis courts situated on a disused playing field belonging to Corpus Christi College.
The playing fields have now become Hogacre Common eco-park, and the site is rented from the college for one jar of honey a year (generously provided by our on-site bees).
OxGrow has since blossomed into an abundant vegetable garden. We have a polytunnel in which we grow tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines, a 'global garden' area, where we experiment with growing crops from around the world (this year we grew quinoa!) and a harvest patch, where we grow the veg for our annual harvest festival.
Where is OxGrow?
OxGrow is less than a ten minute cycle from the centre of town. It is a little off the beaten track though, so here are some detailed instructions to help you find your way!
  1. From the middle of town at Carfax Tower, go down south on the Abingdon Road and turn into White House Road where you see the Folly Bridge Inn (second right after the bridge over the river).
  2. Go down the road to the corner where you see Grandpont Nursery, and here take the track straight in front of you past SOAP (the South Oxford Adventure Playground). From here, there are signposts to Hogacre Common.
  3. Cross the railway bridge, turn right and you’ve found us!
Please note, we currently have very limited provision for disabled access and there is no way of getting to us by road on a regular basis. As an organisation we are inclusive and encouraging of all students who want to volunteer, so please do get in touch with lizzie@oxfordhub.org to discuss opportunities for your involvement.
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