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Interested in having a Red Box at your school and supporting young people?

The Red Box Project supports students by tackling period poverty, with the aim of helping them stay in school throughout the month. To do this, we collect donations of underwear and period products from members of the public and place them into schools and colleges in red plastic boxes. When students are in need of products, but don't have easy access to it at home (for whatever reason), they can come to a trusted member of staff, ask for the red box, and take whatever they need to get through their period, no questions asked.

We support primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and youth clubs. If you work with young people in an educational setting we’d love to hear from you.


The only thing we ask from the school is that you provide a safe place to keep the box, with a staff member, a receptionist, pastoral manager or school nurse

We support primary and secondary schools, sixth forms, colleges and youth groups across Oxford city.

Get in touch

Email if you’d like to enquire about being supported by our project.

Current Schools

We currently support:

Oxford Spires Academy

EMBS Community College

Cutteslowe Primary School

Wolvercote Primary School

Tyndale Community School

Rose Hill Community Centre Youth Club

Donnington Doorstep Youth Club

Wolvercote Young People’s Club

If you attend one of these sites then you can ask a staff member for the Red Box, no questions asked!

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