Social Enterprise Challenges
Join a team, get skilled up, and work on an innovative project to support a local social enterprise!
Hilary term 2019
Express your interest before 20th January
Oxford Hub is delighted to work with the University of Oxford's Research Services to offer Oxford University students the Social Enterprise Challenges.
How do the Social Enterprise Challenges work?
Step 1) We work with local entrepreneurs, businesses, and community partners to identify potential social enterprise projects.
Step 2) We recruit small teams of 3 students with the energy and skills to drive each of these projects forward.
N.B. If you have a social enterprise idea of your own, we can also support you - find out more about our Social Enterprise Awards here.
Timeline for the Challenges
  • All teams will meet for an induction at Oxford Hub where they will be given further details about their project and training on how to launch their social enterprise initiative.
  • Teams will then be supported through regular training sessions and check ins at Oxford Hub, alongside support from their community partner, so that they can take the project forward. They will have a budget of £500 to test ideas and pilot activities.
  • At the end of term, teams will come back together at Oxford Hub and showcase what they have achieved and learned.
How do I get involved?
Click the apply tab at the top of this page and fill in some basic information about yourself, as well as the skills and interests you would bring to a team.
If you are a local social enterprise, business, charity or entrepreneur interested in collaborating with a team, you can find some further details of how the programme works here. Please get in touch with to discuss this further.
To participate, you must currently be a student (of any discipline, undergraduate or postgraduate) or staff member at Oxford University. We are an inclusive organisation and can make reasonable adjustments to application processes, interviews, training sessions and other activities on a case-by-case basis. We also provide ongoing support for the individuals we work with, so if you have particular accessibility needs, please do get in touch at
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