At Oxford Hub we have a range of opportunities for you to learn about issues, connect with other people and tackle social and environmental problems in the city.
We have a huge variety of projects that you can get involved in. Take a browse and choose one which is right for you - all are welcome to get stuck in. If you have any questions, just email or pop by our home on Turl Street.
Looking for something close to home? Find an Oxford Hub volunteering vacancy near you with our interactive map!
Volunteering with Young People
  • Schools Plus helps young people to achieve their academic potential by matching them with university student tutors.
  • Code Club gives children the opportunity to learn to code in volunteer-led sessions.
  • Forest Schools give children the chance to develop through fun hands-on learning outdoors.
  • Branch Up supports local disadvantaged children by connecting them with student mentors on activity days.
  • Branch Up Active motivate young people through sports, creative activities and fun games with our Active volunteering programmes.
  • Empower Active motivate young people through sports and fun games during their P.E lessons with our Empower Active volunteering programme.
  • Sports Action empowers young people to get excited about sport through our 1:1 mentoring.
  • Early Years volunteering helps 0-5 year olds develop through fun play activities.
Community Volunteering
  • Hospital Volunteering at the John Radcliffe has a number of ways to get involved at the hospital!
  • LinkAges takes the loneliness out of old age by connecting volunteers to opportunities to help local older people.
  • LinkAges Connect matches older and younger residents in the Oxford community to take part in active befriending activities.
  • Good Neighbours gardening Good Neighbours support the local community by doing gardening for local residents and community spaces.
  • Homeless Action volunteering opportunities If you're interested in supporting the homeless community in Oxford, check out our summary of all the opportunities to volunteer at homeless action charities across Oxford.
  • The Red Box Project helps tackle period poverty by providing young people in Oxford with free menstrual products.
Languages Volunteering
  • FELLOW teach English to overseas workers living in the UK.
  • Language Exchange connects Arabic speakers whose native language is not English with English speakers who want to improve their Arabic skills.
Music Volunteering
  • Music is part of many of our volunteering projects. Find a summary of all our musical opportunities here!
Environmental Volunteering
  • Edible Gardens is a network of community gardens in Oxford, growing food for volunteers to take home. We are running a training programme in 2019 for people to learn to set up and run their own edible community gardens!
  • Community Conservation go out on weekly conservation trips and work parties during Oxford University term time.
  • Project SOUP is a series of community micro-funding dinners, bringing people together to have fun, tackle food waste and raise funds for community projects.
  • East Oxford Good Neighbours help tidy up residents' gardens across East Oxford.
  • Teach Green volunteers run environmental activity days for local children, hoping to promote environmental action through education.
  • OxUnboxed is a volunteer-run refill shop that sells bulk food and household products.
  • OxCo-op is a weekly veg-box delivery service, making ethical food accessible and affordable in the Oxford community.
  • LEAP (Livestock, Environment And People) volunteers help promote research into the impacts of meat and dairy production on human and environmental health.
Our projects are co-ordinated by volunteer leaders, who take on tasks such as planning sessions and engaging more volunteers. If you're interested in getting involved at this level then let us know and we would love to chat. Alternatively, you are welcome to just get stuck in with volunteering and go from there!
Skilled Placements
We run two skilled placements programmes throughout term time, which offer volunteers the opportunity to gain experience working with local organisations in the social and environmental impact sector. Impact Labs places volunteers as consultants in local charities, and through the Young Trustees Programme volunteers can become visiting trustees at a range of charities in Oxford.
This year, we are also running our inaugural Become a Social Leader programme for the ten best social action student champions. This is a Summer internship programme, placing students for 5 weeks in social impact organisation, hand-in-hand with training and volunteering. This programme also leads to further integration with the Oxford Hub in the future, and is a fast track to joining the world of social action. Applications close 25th February.
Alongside running volunteering opportunities and placements, Oxford Hub incubates new projects. In practice, this means we work with students and community partners to launch innovative ideas which tackle local social and environmental issues.
One way we do this is through the Oxford University Social Enterprise Awards Scheme, which provides practical and financial support to students and university staff wanting to launch a social enterprise here in Oxford. We also run Social Enterprise Challenges where you can join a team and work on a collaborative project to gain skills and experience.
We also provide a variety of tailored support to individual students and groups starting up new projects. This includes in-person training and coaching, written resources and introductions to useful contacts. Get in touch with Rachel at if you need some advice or support.
During term time our sensational committee also put on weekly events. These range from talks on pressing social and environmental issues, to charity open mic nights, social enterprise careers panels, ethical eating festivals, swap shops, microvolunteering opportunities and training sessions on key skills for social action.
Our student committee also do great work to raise the profile of environmentally and socially conscious projects and businesses in Oxford. Take a look at our very own Ethical Guide to Oxford. Whether you’re looking for a great lunch or sustainable shoes, we’ve got you covered with these top picks!
The Social Action Network is a network of ALL the exciting Social Action related projects going on in Oxford that students can be involved with. There really is something for every interest and time schedule, so click here to get involved now!
Scholarship Support
We work in collaboration with the University of Oxford to provide support for students on the Lloyds and Moritz-Heyman scholarships in completing their volunteering hours, by providing bespoke 1-1 support and exclusive volunteering opportunities.
Find more about the scholarship support we provide for Lloyds and Moritz-Heyman scholars here.
*Browse all of our activities here, and check out our FAQs if you've got a question we can help with. To stay in the loop, sign-up to our mailing list and receive a weekly email summarising the best of what's on in Oxford.
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