Project Soup
Project Soup is a series of dinners bringing the community together to have fun, tackle food waste and raise awareness of and funds for local projects
One event per term
East Oxford Community Centre
What is Project Soup?
Project Soup is a series of community micro-funding dinners, inspired by a similar project in Detroit.
The idea is simple: Using food that would otherwise be thrown away, a simple (yet delicious!) supper of soup and bread is cooked. People come, eat soup, and have fun. After the meal, a number of community projects pitch an idea. The audience then votes, and the winning project takes home all the money raised in the evening.
We then finish off the evening with some great live music and home-baked cake.
Soup + community projects + great music + cake = Big FUN.
Why do we soup?
Project Soup is souper for so many reasons!
Firstly, and most obviously, it raises much needed funds for community projects that might otherwise struggle to find money. In the past we've funded a dishwasher for a family centre, raised money for Streetview Oxford and funded a project for Fusion Arts.
Project Soup also raises much needed awareness of the participating projects, and is a great platform for them to publicise the great work they do, and ways that more people can get involved.
In doing so, Project Soup empowers local people to make local decisions: generating stakeholders in local community, and engendering a culture of local engagement, instead of aid.
By bringing together a range of members from the local community, Project Soup also helps to break down the 'Town vs. Gown' divide in Oxford, and foster collaboration between students and the rest of the local community.
Finally, in cooking such a delicious meal from food that would otherwise go to waste, Project Soup draws attention to the insane quantities of food that are wasted each day and takes action to use some of this 'surplus' food.
Food waste... that sounds kind of gross?
That's where you're wrong! This food has nothing wrong with it - it isn't out of date or sub-standard in any way. This food is just a very small amount of the mammoth quantities of food that form the built-in surplus of our food system - food that is there to ensure the current food system can respond to constant demand.
Get involved!
Project Soup is currently looking for a new team of students to run an event this Michelmas!
Available roles include everything from:
  • Working with community partners to organise a venue and source "waste food" to be used for the event
  • Leading on event publicity, for example designing flyers
  • Helping out on the day - picking up food, chopping vegetables and ultimately making the soup!
Visit our website to learn more and just click Apply to get started! If you have any questions then please email:
Project Soup is also always looking for new projects to present. If you are involved in a project that aims to have a positive social impact, however small, and are interested in presenting, get in touch!
Finally, if you are a musical type, and would like to perform at a Soup evening, let us know.
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