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Change Leader

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The vision

Here at Oxford Hub, we want people to become part of the social change world and to show them that social change starts locally; You can’t build macro change without the micro. From Summer 2019, we will be inducting our first cohort for our newest programme 'Oxford Hub: Become a Social Change Leader'.

More than an internship, the Become a Social Change Leader programme puts candidates through a multi-faceted, 5 week internship and volunteering opportunity, with training and learning hand-in-hand. Join a local charity and face their on-the-ground challenges and head office headaches; meet and learn with like minded peers; progress your social action journey.

Programme structure

The programme will be taking place July 1st - August 2nd 2019 and comprises:

  • Placement: up to 28 hours per week volunteering in a local social impact organisation where you’ll have the opportunity to get stuck into a project. Depending on your skills and interests, your role could be around research, fundraising, communications, and event organisation.

  • Training: On Wednesday afternoons, we will come together for training time at Oxford Hub, which is designed to complement your on-the-role learning. The programme’s training will provide an insight into social and environmental issues in Oxford, as well as an opportunity to develop the skills you’ll need to create a social impact. We will cover key areas such as communications, mobilising volunteers, fundraising and impact measurement. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about Oxford Hub’s strategy, and delve deeper in any topics which you may be particularly interested in with the support and mentoring of our staff team.

  • Socials: Our team will also host a variety of networking, volunteering and social events which will enable to connect with like-minded people across the City.

Once the programme has finished we strongly encourage participants to stay involved with Oxford Hub, and you will be well placed to take up leadership roles on our community projects or perhaps start your own social enterprise through our Awards Scheme.

Apply to join our first cohort

This opportunity is open to ALL university students (undergraduate and post-graduate, from any university) who have accommodation and are able to stay in Oxford over part of the summer, as the activities, training and placement will all be local.

Placements are undertaken on a voluntary basis, but all charities reimburse lunch and travel expenses in order to support you as part of your placement. If you're an Oxford University student on the Moritz-Heyman scholarship, you can have this placement funded as part of your scholarship. Please contact or if you have any queries.

We will be selecting a cohort of 10 Social Change Leaders. To be selected individuals should demonstrate:

  • Sustained commitment to social action (for example through previous volunteering or work experience)

  • A strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed to create social change

  • The drive and enthusiasm to make a difference locally

If you fit these criteria, then we welcome you to complete the application form. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

We are an inclusive organisation and can make reasonable adjustments to application processes, interviews, training sessions and other activities on a case-by-case basis. We also provide ongoing support for the individuals we work with, so if you have particular accessibility needs, please do get in touch.