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Host a student placement this summer



Oxford Hub believes everyone has the power and potential to shape a better Oxford. Since 2007 we have been running programmes across Oxford where people can make a positive change through practical volunteering, placements with local charities and incubating new projects.

Through our summer placements we recruit and train committed and community-minded university, so that they can undertake meaningful placements over their summer vacation with charities and other social impact organisations in Oxford City and the surrounding area.

These placements will all be taking place from 1st July to August 2nd 2019 so that we can offer structured support and training to our cohort students throughout their placement. Placements are undertaken on a voluntary basis, with reasonable lunch and travel expenses covered by the host organisation. We charge a finder's fee of £150 to cover the costs of student recruitment, matching and training.

Why host a student this summer?

  1. Fresh perspectives - whether your organisation's focus is developing a marketing strategy or running a fundraising event, a university student can offer a different viewpoint and plenty of new creative ideas!

  2. Added capacity - with additional energy you can push forward with an area of work which might otherwise be difficult to prioritise within your staff team.

  3. Share learning - by welcoming a student into your organisation you are offering them a fantastic learning opportunity, and supporting us to skill up the next generation of charity leaders!

Get involved

To find out more and register to host a student, get in touch at

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