Oxford Hub is a student-led group, passionate about tackling social issues and having a positive effect in the local community.

Together, we have the power and potential to shape a better world.
The People Behind The Magic
Oxford Hub is made up of all you wonderful students leading and participating in volunteering projects, events and other activities - however if you want to talk to someone directly about our activities, then these are the people you're looking for:
Phoebe Finn
Co-President for Outreach
Anna Klaptocz
Co-President for Incubation
Kylie Dong
Co-President for Training & Strategy
Charlotte Leung
Outreach Officer
Cheryl Kuang
Outreach Officer
Publicity Coordinator
Camilla Dickson
Events Coordinator
Sichao Liu
Events Coordinator
Rosie Richards
Ethical Arts Coordinator
Local Action
Local Action Coordinator
Laura Holden
Rights & Development Coordinator
Charlotte Potts
Environment and Sustainability Coordinator
Edward Chiam
Incubation Coordinator
Jenny Ku
Online Content Support
Hiba Amjad
Events Coordinator
Laura Caccia
Events Coordinator
Staff Support Team
Harry Jenkins
Oxford Hub Manager
Emma Anderson
Oxford Programmes Manager
Rachel Marshall
Oxford Programmes Officer
Advisory Board
The Advisory Board ensures that Oxford Hub thrive as a result of being well embedded in the university and community environment. By bringing together individuals and organisations with varied perspectives and expertise, our Advisory Board helps the Oxford Hub to identify which activities to prioritise, as well as ensuring coordination of messaging and activities with other stakeholders.
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