Young Trustees Programme
A brand new programme for students to connect with local charities and learn more about governance
January 2017
In and around Oxford
What is the Young Trustees Programme?
The Young Trustees Programme is a brand new initiative that will connect students with charities looking to welcome a young trustee onto their board. From January 2017, we will support 20 students to become visiting trustees for 12 months in a local charity.
Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to take up a trustee position after graduation and help lead a charity in an area of social change you are passionate about.
Despite making up 12% of the UK’s population, 18-24 year-olds account for less than 0.5% of all charity trustees. Even if they know about it, they often feel too inexperienced to become a trustee. Because of this, most boards lack diversity. However, boards can greatly benefit from young people by widening their collective skills and perspectives and investing in future charity leaders.
Support and commitment during the programme
Although trusteeship may feel daunting, you will be well supported by Oxford Hub staff and your organisation's board-level mentor.
At the start of the programme we will provide training to equip you with the relevant skills and knowledge for your placement, as well as problem-solving sessions throughout the year to help you develop as a trustee. There will also opportunities for you to network with your cohort of young trustees at social events.
Board Meetings
To make sure both you and your host organisation can make the most of the opportunity, you will be expected to attend all board meetings. There will be approximately six board meetings per year, with provisional dates provided before you finalise your placement.
You will be serving as a non-voting ‘visiting’ trustee, which means that you can observe during meetings and contribute to discussions, but you will not take on any personal liability .Because you are a non-voting member of the board, this is an opportunity to experience trusteeship without legal or financial responsibilities.
The reasons why the programme doesn’t offer full voting trusteeship opportunities is because we want to make sure that students can learn more about charity governance without having to commit to serving on a board for longer than a year. A long term commitment is often necessary to meaningfully contribute as a voting trustee.
What is trusteeship?
A trustee is one of a diverse array of individuals who make up a charity’s board. The board holds collective responsibility to make sure that their charity is achieving its aims. They do this by making decisions that ensure that it fulfils the purpose for which is was set up.
As a trustee, you should be willing and able to give time, experience, skills and enthusiasm. Alongside the other trustees, you will try to bring a different perspective to discussions, provide insight into the needs and experience of the community that the charity serves, think about new ways of doing things and help the organisation to widen their outreach.
Trusteeship is an opportunity to build networks and learn new skills – like strategic planning, financial management and charity governance – that will help you to create positive social impact throughout your life.
Get involved
If you're a student, you can apply to the programme by hitting the apply tab at the top of this page. If you want to find out more about the programme or have any questions, please contact Harry at
If you're a local organisation that would like more information about hosting a young trustee, you can view this host pack and apply here. If you have any questions, please contact Harry at
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