Young Trustees Programme

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About the programme

We match individuals under the age of 35 with charity boards aligned to their interests, and provide a 12 month training and support programme to ensure that participants develop good governance skills and can confidently contribute their unique perspectives to boards.

Training is based on a flipped learning model, combining a workbook and online training with in-person sessions where participants can dig deeper into the topics they have learned about and conduct a live case study with an experienced local trustee. This preparation, alongside their attendance at board meetings, gives individuals a great balance of formal learning and practical experience.

As part of the programme, young trustees will also complete a governance project on behalf of their board, to put this learning into practice. Past projects have included completing a skills audit ahead of recruitment of new trustees, revisiting the structure of the board to make it more effective, or designing induction processes to support new trustees.

To make sure that the experience is a positive one for both the participant and your charity, we will ask you to provide a board level mentor – another trustee who is committed to helping your young trustee feel both welcomed and informed. In return, we will also be on hand to offer advice and support whenever you feel that you need some.

Why host a young trustee?

  1. Gain talent and energy

    Young people have a unique perspective, enthusiasm, and tendency to ask basic but fundamental questions (the ones others are often too afraid to ask!). They are digital natives and take a fresh approach to marketing and communications. By providing insight into what appeals to millennials and other young people, they can help charities to improve their outreach to a new generation of donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries.

  2. Increase your board’s diversity

    Trustee boards benefit from a having a variety of perspectives in decision making and strategic planning. Yet 18-24 year olds account for less than 0.5% of all charity trustees despite making up 12% of the overall population (2010 Charity Commission report).

  3. Invest in the future of the sector

    Socially motivated young people are the charity leaders and trustees of the future. Giving them the opportunity to contribute their talent to a board now, learning and developing, ensures the future good governance of the sector.

Get involved

To register your interest in our next cohort please complete this application before the 25th of September, or email Charities should be based in Oxfordshire, and be willing to support a young person as they enter their role.

This information pack includes all key dates and information if you need to share more details with your trustee board.